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We welcome visitors to our tours and meetings. If you would like to join the Edinburgh Transport Group, please see Brian Melrose, our Membership Secretary, on the night, or see the Membership section below on this page.

  Forthcoming Events (Non-Members please see note below)

Our meetings will be held on the first Thursday of each month

Thursday 1 September 2016 - We return to holding our meeting indoors at the end of the summer, due to darkness falling too early for us to enjoy outdoor activities.  This month we have a slide show on the subject of Edinburgh’s buses, by Gavin Booth, with additional information from Neil Renilson.  This will be very entertaining and we recommend that you come along.  Our winter season meetings are held at The Royal British Legion (Scotland) premises at 33 Rodney Street, Edinburgh, EH7 4EL.  For details fo how to find the venue, please click HERE.

Subsequent meetings - 6 October, 3 November, 1 December

Thursday 6 October: Our Annual Quiz Night, compered by George Balloch.
Thursday 3 November: Garry Ward presents the second part of his talk on Western SMT.
Thursday 1 December: Our Annual General Meeting followed by a slide show.  Details to be confirmed nearer the event.

  Non-Members Please Note

We have to advise that non-members will be asked to pay 5.00 to join as Temporary Members for each event (and be asked to contribute to the cost of diesel when on a bus trip). A temporary membership card will be issued and, if they attend three more events at 5.00 each, they will become Full Members.  If you wish more details on this, please speak to our Membership Secretary at an event.

  Membership - Join Us

The aim of The Edinburgh Transport Group is to promote an interest in public transport, encompassing buses, coaches, railway traffic and other vehicles.

Membership will entitle you to our full colour magazine, “EXPRESS”, which is issued occasionally throughout the year.  We hold our monthly meetings on the first Thursday of every month (with the exception of January).  Winter meetings, from September to April, are held indoors, and consist of slide shows, talks, presentations or quizzes.  Summer meetings, from May to August, are normally bus trips to various locations on interesting vintage or modern buses hired for the occasion.

Membership costs 15 per year and is payable from 1 April each year.  Family membership is available for 20 per year.

You not not need to live in the Edinburgh area to join.  We have many members from near and far.  Those who are unable to attend the meetings will of course receive the "EXPRESS" magazine and have the same membership rights as everyone else.

If you are not a member and would like to join, you can currently do this in these ways:-

You can attend at any of the scheduled group meetings as detailed on this website, make yourself known and ask to see the Membership Secretary or Treasurer, either of whom will be happy to take your details and membership fee.  There is no commitment to join, so if you would like to come along and see what our meetings are like, please do so, and if you decide to return and join us, we will enrol you as a member.

You can write to our Membership Secretary:-
Brian Melrose, 25 Broomburn Grove, Edinburgh, EH12 7NN, enclosing your cheque, and we will enrol you as a member.

A copy of the Group’s constitution is available upon request from us at this e-mail address.

We look forward to welcoming you.

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